*As of May 2018, we will be discontinuing support for this product. You can continue to download and use this product as needed, but we will no longer be providing tech support and advancing developments.

AdminAnywhere takes your FileMaker Server mobile, and lets you accomplish critical administrative tasks from anywhere there is an internet connection.




View account details

Fast and Easy to use!

  • Only a browser is required for the client
  • No downloading and launching
  • Fast and simple interface - optimized for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other mobile platforms.
  • Monitor and run backup schedules
  • View account details and manage users
  • Quickly view logs for a FileMaker Server running on a Mac
Monitor and run backup schedules Quickly view logs

Purchase the Portfolio Bundle to obtain an Workgroup license of this product which allows for a single server deployment with an unlimited number of connections.

What does the FileMaker community think of AdminAnywhere?

"I don't know how many times this plugin has SAVED my databases, FMS will crash or rather the FMS ADMIN prevents me from access. If I restart the server one of my databases will become corrupted (even with NO clients) However when I use AdminAnywhere I can close all my databases prior to restart." —Stephen Dolenski, Ocean West

"I have just successfully installed Admin Anywhere on my main client's Server and it works great!" —Jordan Kahn, Jordan B. Kahn and Associates

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