360Works ScriptMaster 4 Released!
ScriptMaster 4 Released!

We have released the latest version of our plugin, ScriptMaster 4!

We have been working extremely hard to incorporate all of the suggestions, ideas, and feedback from the thousands of people using ScriptMaster 3, and we think that you will be happy with the result.

Improvements to the new ScriptMaster 4:

  • Version 4 delivers major speed and stability improvements: Some ScriptMaster modules, like the choose file dialog and the color picker, display a visible GUI to the user. For other, non-GUI functions (which is the majority of them), we have optimized the threading model to run much faster. For example, the UUID module now generates about 3,300 UUIDs per second in version 4, where version 3 topped out at about 300 UUIDs per second. Compiling and registering modules should also be faster now.

  • Version 4 includes the latest Groovy version, 1.7.1. For those of you writing your own ScriptMaster modules in Groovy, this will let you use the latest and greatest third party libraries.

New modules in ScriptMaster 4:

  • iPhone push notifications (thanks Todd Geist)
  • Path parsing, for easily grabbing sections of an XML document
  • Move / rename files (thanks Jack James)
  • Recursively get the size of a folder
  • Find all image URLs in HTML for screen scraping

Version 4 is much more stable in our testing. Some people reported problems with hanging and freezing in version 3. As far as we can tell, these issues have been resolved.

There are also numerous minor issues which have been addressed, please see the release notes in the download for more details.

Get more power and generate plugins with ScriptMaster 4 Advanced

ScriptMaster 4 is a free product, and we foresee all future releases continuing to be freely distributable. Another option, starting with Version 4, is ScriptMaster Advanced. This is priced at $95 per developer per year, and is also included as part of the 360Works Portfolio License bundle. It includes the following features that are not included in the free version:

  • The Advanced Edition will allow you to easily generate your own branded plugins. This greatly simplifies the process of deploying your favorite ScriptMaster modules with your solutions. Just check which modules you want and click the 'Make Plugin' button, and you've got a plugin with all of your favorite modules pre-compiled into it! You can distribute this self-contained plugin royalty-free with all of your custom solutions; there is no charge regardless of how many customers / users you distribute it to.

  • The Advanced Edition allows direct access to the FileMaker clipboard, allowing you to read clipboard contents at runtime. You can even modify the clipboard items and then push the modified versions back onto the clipboard!

  • The Advanced Edition allows direct access to the FileMaker SQL engine, which allows you to execute SQL commands directly from any script.

Again, thank you for using ScriptMaster. You can download the new ScriptMaster 4 or purchase ScriptMaster 4 Advanced from our website using the link below.

--The 360Works Staff
(770) 234-9293

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