360Works Scribe Released!

360Works Scribe Released!

Scribe, the Ultimate Text Processor for FileMaker is now available!

Scribe is the ultimate text processing plug-in for FileMaker. Use it to read and write text from Microsoft Office and PDF files, find what changed in a text field, and highlight text matching any criteria.

  • Read and write Word, Excel, and PDF documents and forms directly from FileMaker.
  • Easily search contents of Word and PDF files from FileMaker.
  • Compare and highlight changes to text in FileMaker.
  • Many more powerful text processing features!

Read and Write Documents

Scribe is a powerful tool that allows you to search, track changes, and manipulate documents. For example, you could use Scribe in a FileMaker script to read order form fields from an Excel, Word, or PDF document into FileMaker. Scribe can also write to documents, so you could also use it in reverse to fill out forms!

Extract searchable text from documents to help you search for a particular document file in your database using a regular FileMaker Find command.

Powerful Text Processing

Scribe can show you the differences between text fields, highlight text in your text fields, or help you perform advanced find-and-replace commands. Compare text between documents and have Scribe show you what has been added, removed, or modified. Scribe can also perform advanced text processing, such as pulling out all links from an HTML document.

Four Plugins in One!

If you've been using 360Works Textractor, 360Works Difference Engine, or 360Works Patterns, those functions are all now included in 360Works Scribe. Scribe combines all of these features, plus adds the ability to read and write PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word documents. If you've purchased these plugins, you are eligible for upgrade pricing on Scribe.

Thank you for your interest in Scribe. You can purchase Scribe from our website using the link below.

--The 360Works Staff
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