There are many important bug fixes and a few new features in 360Works Scribe; get the latest version from

Version 1.1 (1/5/2011)

  • New feature: ScribeDocWriteValue can now write images to PDF forms (only for PDF, not Word)
  • New feature: Now extracts message headers from Outlook .msg files
  • New example: Now includes example script showing how to use ScribeDocWriteValue
  • Bug fix: when reading .xls files from a URL; they were being treated as .xlsx instead.
  • Bug fix: reading older .xls files, in some cases they were being treated as .xlsx XML files
  • Bug fix: When extracting text from a URL, it was caching that result instead of reloading
  • Bug fix: Reading older .xls files broke on Mac OS X 10.6.5, this is now fixed

Version 1.03 (11/3/2010)

  • Better support for writing FileMaker dates, times and timestamps to excel files
  • Can now extract text from Outlook .msg files
  • Now processes headers and footers in Word documents
  • Fixed a bug where a license key conflict could be incorrectly triggered for single-user licenses.
  • ScribeFileAsText can now extract text from Outlook .msg files
  • ScribeFileAsText now extracts the raw contents of any unrecognized file
  • Fixed a bug where passing in an empty field value as the value parameter to ScribeDocWriteValue would cause an error