All 360Works plug-ins have been updated today to resolve an auto-update issue.

This issue affects all Windows user who are using an auto-update script to install the most recent version of 360Works plug-ins. If you are not using auto-update, or if all of your users are on Mac OS X, you do not need to install this release. If you are using auto-update on Windows, there is a bug with the previous 360Works version that prevents auto-update from closing down the plug-in, which is needed in order to download the most recent version from the server.

First, if you are running auto-update from your own server, install the most recent version of the plug-ins on your server as you normally would for any update. You can download the latest auto-update packages from fmp7://

The next step is to have your Windows users run the uninstaller applet at . This is a very simple process which will remove the old version of the plugin.

After that, your users should be able to auto-update normally without having to uninstall for future updates. In addition, 'hot-swapping' should now work, so that the newest plugin update is immediately available without having to quit and restart FileMaker Pro.

Thank you for using 360Works products!