Version 1.2 (3/30/2011)

  • Added ScribeDocInsertCustomXml function for advanced users to write XML text directly into the Microsoft Office XML format.
  • You can now remove a formula in Excel by overwriting it
  • In Excel, newly created cells pick up the style of the row in which they are created.
  • Fixed a bug where ScribeDocSaveFile failed on Windows when writing to a path supplied by a FileMaker get function, like Get(DesktopPath) or Get (TemporaryPath)
  • Added an optional parameter to ScribeFileAsText to skip unrecognized files. Without this parameter, unrecognized files have their entire contents returned.
  • Now supports tab stops when replacing text in Word .docx files.
  • Fixed a problem in Excel when overwriting numeric cells with text values
  • Reading numeric values from Excel no longer applies formatting such as percentages, just returns the number value back to FileMaker.

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