ATLANTA - Nothing gets the 360Works team more excited than exchanging ideas with other FileMaker Pro developers. That's why we are packing our products and plugins, loading up the 360Works team, and making the cross-country trip from Atlanta to San Diego for the 2011 FileMaker Developer Conference.

We hope you stop by our booth in the Exhibitor Showcase to pick up some chocolate… and while you're there, you can learn more about our powerful document management products, demo our desktop and mobile accessibility tools, or speak to our staff about our full suite of developer plugins.

To celebrate the occasion we will be running a DevCon discount (only for DevCon attendees) for 10% off all 360Works products excluding Zulu (15% for FMPUG Members)! Check out some of our featured products below, or view our entire product line at, to see how 360Works helps FileMaker Pro “Go Farther.”

Document and Digital Asset Management Tools

DocuBin With a simple, intuitive user interface, version controls, multi-user edit locking, and flexible query controls, DocuBin is a complete FileMaker solution that allows you to manage your documents and digital assets from a single, structured location.

SuperContainer SuperContainer is the fastest and most efficient way to store files and images in FileMaker Pro. Utilize the storage engine behind DocuBin to store files in your own solutions.

Scribe Scribe is the ultimate text processing plugin for FileMaker. Read and write text from Word, Excel and PDF files, find what changed in a text field, and highlight text matching any criteria.

Mobile and Desktop Accessibility Solutions

DocuBin Enterprise Edition View, edit, and save documents into DocuBin from the desktop, iPhone or iPad using DocuBin's WebDAV feature, or browse and preview files in any web browser with the Web Client.

AdminAnywhere Administer FileMaker Server from a browser or smartphone.

Zulu (20% DevCon Discount) Sync your FileMaker events and contacts with your iPhone, iPad, or Google account.

Developer Tools

ScriptMaster Generate custom plugins! Perform SQL, read/write clipboard data.

Portfolio License For one low price this Portfolio License includes all 360Works plugins (excluding DocuBin) PLUS Zulu for synching your contacts and calendars.

Thank you again for using 360Works plugins, and we hope to see you at DevCon.