360Works is pleased to announce the release of a new version of DocuBin. It includes many new features including:

  • Add a default Template to a folder. Any file added to the folder with get the template set automatically
  • Rearranged sidebar with new section 'My Stuff' and new option 'Checked Out' for viewing files checked out by the user.
  • Drag file to the 'Checked Out' sidebar option to check out a file.
  • Renamed sidebar option 'All' to 'Files'
  • Changed icons for opening files and saving files back into DocuBin
  • New icon for checked out files
  • New tooltip for checked out files
  • Fixed icon preview icon for FileMaker Go layouts
  • Double-click to open folders
  • Fixed an issue when after updating DocuBin to the latest version, DocuBin would not register that it had updated.
  • Developer: Checked out status migrated from Document to Content
  • Developer: Template information migrated from Document to Content

Download the latest version at http://360works.com/docubin.