July 27, 2012- 360Works is proud to announce an update to MirrorSync, a FileMaker synchronization solution. While MirrorSync is already easy to use and set up, version 1.25 includes many new features and improvements!

Included in this update:

  • ESS compatibility: Now take SQL data anywhere, even offline! With just a few extra steps after configuration, your external data is available anywhere.
  • Multiple instances of MirrorSync: hosting providers and other users can now have multiple instances of MirrorSync running simultaneously on a single FileMaker Server.
  • Improved user interface: MirrorSync now warns users about potential problems and file incompatibilities during configuration.
  • Improvements to one-way sync: it’s easier than ever to use an empty copy of a synced database with MirrorSync. Push data back to FileMaker Server quickly and easily with a one-way synchronization.
  • Bug fixes and improvements: includes many bug fixes and a solution for container fields causing a 104 error.

MirrorSync is an easy-to-use data replication tool that quickly and seamlessly syncs an offline database running on FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro with a multi-user database hosted by FileMaker Server.

MirrorSync 1.25 is a free upgrade for all MirrorSync and Portfolio users. Learn more and download the upgrade at: