360Works MirrorSync 1.26 has been released. This version fixes errors that occurred for some sync configurations, especially with large records sets. This update is highly recommended for all users.

Version 1.26 includes:

  • Adds support for Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Swedish, and Italian when copying and pasting script steps
  • More reliable sync with very large datasets, especially with iOS sync.
  • Better error reporting if the server where MirrorSync is running is not accessible on the network.
  • Improved sync pre-flight validation to catch more configuration errors. Also now allows any validation failures to be ignored.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when syncing with remote container fields in FileMaker 12 (note - be sure to use the FileMaker Server Admin, not MirrorSync admin, to download an offline copy of files that use remote container fields)
  • Several other bug fixes

MirrorSync 1.26 is a free upgrade for Portfolio and MirrorSync users. Download the latest version at: