MirrorSync 1.43 released!

360Works MirrorSync, a FileMaker synchronization tool, has been updated to version 1.43. This version is a free upgrade for all current users, and includes new features and bug fixes.

MirrorSync is easier than ever to configure, understand, and sync. We've improved the user experience to guide you in simple, plain English. Warning messages throughout are more friendly and easy to understand, and MirrorSync makes sure to double check your work.

If data sets have duplicate keys, invalid date or time formats, MirrorSync now finds and shows you potential problems in your solution. We think everyone should be able to sync their solutions easily, without advanced FileMaker knowledge.

In addition, MirrorSync is much more memory efficient. Throughout the sync, the server will use less memory and manage available memory much better.

This release includes other features and important bug fixes. See the changelog below for details.

Download and install the update at http://360works.com/mirrorsync

Included in MirrorSync 1.42

If you haven't upgraded to the most recent version, MirrorSync 1.42 included better support for internal and external IP addresses, as well as separate IP addresses for multiple machine deployments.

MirrorSync is smart enough to detect if you're syncing inside the network or outside of it, and automatically switching to the correct address seamlessly. Internal users will experience fast speeds within the network, and switch easily when outside of it.

Full changelog

Features and Improvements in 1.43

  • More user-friendly, readable error messages throughout MirrorSync
  • Better memory management allows for support for initial sync of very large databases to an empty clone
  • Switched to all numeric values when communicating with client instead of formatted strings for dates, times, and timestamps. This solves a variety of international date formatting issues.
  • Now efficiently detects duplicate primary keys in the FileMaker database and warn the user. This has been our most frequent tech support issue with MirrorSync.
  • Various sync speed improvements
  • MirrorSync is now about 8 megabytes smaller by re-writing some overweight 3rd party libraries
  • Added an ability to submit bug reports from the MirrorSync configuration utility (for bugs that occur in the setup process, not during sync)

Bug Fixes in 1.43

  • Submitting bug reports is now more reliable
  • Re-running a sync from a device after previous sync was canceled should now be more reliable (sometimes used to get a message that sync was still running)
  • Fixed a case where MirrorSync sometimes ran in demo mode even after a valid license key had been registered
  • Fixed a bug during initial sync when using UUIDs, if multiple records had been modified on the server prior to initial sync.
  • Fixed a bug where text that contained HTML escape sequences (" > <   etc.. ) was not being sent correctly.

Included in MirrorSync 1.42

  • Now supports configuration of separate internal and external IP addresses, as well as separate IP addresses for 1, 2, and 3 machine server deployments.
  • More reliable communication over slow/unreliable networks
  • Fixed a case where sometimes client would not send modifications to server, if the modification timestamp field was empty (because the field was just added)