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Important Update

All 360Works plug-ins have been updated to new versions! On Windows, these new versions are REQUIRED for compatibility with the recent Java 7 update 25. Besides compatibility with the latest version of Java, this update include new features, including new user friendly error handling and the much anticipated arrival of 64-bit plug-ins for use with Custom Web Publishing.

64-bit plug-ins!

The new versions of 360Works plug-ins now come bundled with 64-bit versions. This allows you to access 360Works plug-ins for scripts that are triggered from Custom Web Publishing (requires an Enterprise License or Portfolio Bundle). For Mac users, the regular plug-in file contains both 32 and 64 bit versions, so the same .fmplugin can be used in all locations. For Windows, the 64 bit version is found in the WIN folder of the download, and is marked with the extension .fmx64. Windows users should place this in the Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpe/Plugins folder on their server - use the regular 32 bit version for all other locations.

New error handling

360Works plug-ins now feature new error handling and reporting! Now, when an error occurs, a dialog pops up showing you exactly what went wrong. Advanced users may suppress these error messages with the new SetErrorCapture function, and continue to handle the errors themselves by calling the LastError function. Read the new error handling section of the documentation for more details.

Important notice for SuperContainer users

If you are using 360Works SuperContainer, be sure to update to the new version being released today, SuperContainer 2.89. This version is required for compatibility with Java 7 update 25, and the new round of 360Works plugins. This free update is available from 360works.com

Downloading and installing the update

To update, select your product below and choose "Download the current version."

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