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Important Update

360Works SuperContainer has been updated to version 2.89. In addition, all 360Works plug-ins have also been updated to new versions. On Windows, these new versions are REQUIRED for compatibility with the recent Java 7 Update 25.

Now 100% HTML 5

This new version of SuperContainer removes the old applet style of drag and drop uploads and will now exclusively support HTML 5 drag and drop. Please note that Internet Explorer 9 does not support drag and drop functionality yet, but users may still use the Choose File button. We're working on adding this functionality for IE users, so make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed, Twitter, or Facebook for updates. 

SuperContainer Companion Plug-In Update

The optional SuperContainer Companion Plug-in now comes in a 64 bit version for deployment in custom web publishing for FileMaker Server 12.

All versions of the companion plug-in also feature the new 360Works error handling and reporting! Now, when an error occurs, a dialog pops up showing you exactly what went wrong. Advanced users may suppress these error messages with the new SetErrorCapture function, and continue to handle the errors themselves by calling the LastError function. Read the new error handling section of the documentation for more details. This new version of the companion plug-in is also now fully compatible with Java 7 Update 25.