We have made improvements and fixes for syncing container fields, conflict resolution, and more. Here is a complete list of improvements available in MirrorSync 2.507:

* [Requires script update] Container fields sometimes cannot be inserted because of an error 10; this will now be retried 3 times.
* [Requires script update] Better error reporting when we try to update a FileMaker record that, for whatever reason, does not exist.
* Single file MirrorSync download links now include external container data
* Performance improvements for storing audit log information; used to merge conflicts
* Performance improvements retrieving data from FileMaker XML Web Publishing Engine
* Fixed a problem that prevented MirrorSync from working with Tomcat 7.062 or later (for users that install their own Tomcat instead of using the one bundled with the installer)
* Fixed an intermittent problem that could occur when syncing container fields, with the error message "URI can't be null"
* Fixed a problem where conflict resolution was sometimes not being saved on the first time, and needed to be re-done on a second sync.
* Fixed a caching bug where database download URLs were not working if an incorrect one was entered, because the incorrect one was cached.
* Fixed a problem auto-detecting relationships when the primary key of one table was used as a foreign key to a different table.
* Fixed some cases where an error 1631 could result when trying to insert container fields during a sync

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