We have made improvements to MirrorSync! Keep your data in sync with more reliability and better performance.

The following list gives an overview of what has been done in the 2.6 release:

  • Added localization for French language. We also have French-speaking support available now.
  • Compatibility fix for installer, needed for FileMaker Server 14.0.4 and later
  • More control for users in different time zones (see changelog for details)
  • Significant performance improvements when checking for deletions, updating our internal sync database, and running simultaneous syncs.
  • Improved SQL database support when converting data types to FileMaker and generating SQL schema.
  • More responsive when canceling a sync that is running from the MirrorSync admin utility.
  • Many fixes and reliability improvements regarding duplicate record prevention, download links, multi-spoke syncs, installation, container fields, foreign key detection, and time zones.

For a complete list of changes, please see our changelog.

You can obtain your copy of MirrorSync 2.6 on the MirrorSync product page. (Located in the right corner, under the yellow buttons: 'Download the current version')