MirrorSync 3

MirrorSync 3 is Here!

360Works MirrorSync 3

What's New?

MirrorSync 3 is now available and ships with new features such as:

  • Speed improvements - now 2-4 times faster for client-to-server syncs and 6 times faster for server-to-server syncs
  • Support for syncing FileMaker databases with Salesforce and Amazon Redshift (SQL databases also compatible)
  • Support for multiple configurations - set up a client-to-server and server-to-server sync to run simultaneously
  • Set up one-way syncs for super-fast sync times, in addition to 'regular' bidirectional sync for all tables
  • Now uses the native JDBC driver when talking to FileMaker Server
  • Simplifications made to the setup process - configuration wizard has enhanced ease-of-use
  • Trigger server-to-server syncs from FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go
  • More memory efficient - less likely to run out of memory

360Works MirrorSync 3 Screen Shot

What Does the FileMaker Community Have to Say About MirrorSync 3?

"These MS3 sync times are unbelievable.  We're going to nominate you for a Nobel Prize. You're like the Chuck Yeager of syncing."
- Jason Haines, IMS

"We went live with the upgrade to MirrorSync 3 last Friday and so far everything seems great. The users are very happy with the speed increase."
- Bill Krauss, Angel City Data

"We purchased the license and so far we have had a lot of success with MirrorSync. We like it so much that we are switching another project over to MirrorSync."
- Evan Rawson, CoreSolutions Software, Inc.

"No-change syncs are reduced from about 18 seconds to 6 seconds in version 3. Nice job!"
- David Buck, Seachem Laboratories, Inc.

Speed Test

We have conducted load testing for up to 250 simultaneous sync operations - enough to support thousands of users and devices.

360Works MirrorSync Speed Test

New Documentation - Now Available

We have recently updated the documentation for MirrorSync 3. This resource will cover critical topics such as installing for hosting providers, installing MirrorSync on Linux, moving from version 2 to 3, when to use XML versus JDBC connectivity, and much more.

Licensing, Purchasing, and Upgrades

A maintenance subscription is now included with MirrorSync 3! Enjoy one full year of free major and minor upgrades with your purchase of MirrorSync 3. After your one year is up, you can optionally pay a maintenance fee of 25% to continue receiving all major and minor upgrades for another year. Selecting auto-renew at checkout will save you time and money, as you receive an additional discount of 10% off of the maintenance fee and your MirrorSync maintenance will automatically renew without you having to remember to come back and re-enter your information all over again.

As always, MirrorSync is completely free to sync FileMaker Server with FileMaker Pro or Go for one device. Adding configurations and devices to sync with your solution is made simple at the MirrorSync Pricing and Order Form page. Improvements have been made at the order form page with device purchasing where you now receive a volume discount based on how many devices you have previously purchased. Current MirrorSync 2 users can pay an upgrade fee (40% of the retail cost) to upgrade to MirrorSync 3. Existing 360Works Portfolio license holders who are still under maintenance can now upgrade to MirrorSync 3 at no charge to upgrade the 10 devices that comes with the 360Works Portfolio Bundle.

Support and Consulting

The 360Works MirrorSync support department has expanded, so you can continue to receive knowledgeable and reliable support in a timely manner. Our support team will be able to assist you during our regular business hours (Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET) for any issues you may encounter with MirrorSync. If you are pressed for time or would prefer a guided walkthrough of the setup process, 360Works offers consulting services to get your solution synchronized quickly and efficiently - giving you more time to focus on your day-to-day work.