New improvements have been made to SuperContainer making it even easier to deploy and configure, this includes improvements to installation, accessibility, and thumbnail image generation.

Complete list of changes in this version:

Version 2.94 (3/23/2017)

* Renewed code signing certificate so that Java applet will work in restricted environments
* Asterisks are now stripped from file names if SuperContainer is deployed on Windows to ensure legal file names
* The "X-Frame-Options" response header can now be set using the "frameOptions" parameter in a SuperContainer URL
* Improved JavaScript handling for drag & drop uploads
* Fixed a minor memory leak that can become major after generating a huge number of thumbnails
* Bug fixes when installed with a different name than 'SuperContainer'
* Aesthetic improvements to thumbnail images background colors
* Do not allow upload when 'nodelete' style is used and a resource is already present

Click here to download SuperContainer 2.94!