SafetyNet Update Coming Soon

AWS DevPay Deprecation

As you may be aware, Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevPay program will be deprecated on July 31, 2017. All backups will be automatically deleted on this date. This deprecation of Amazon's DevPay will effectively make SafetyNet 1 inoperable. All DevPay-based applications, including 360Works SafetyNet, will be discontinued. If your subscription is still active, it will be cancelled.

We have released a new version of our FileMaker offsite backup solution, 360Works SafetyNet, in compliance with Amazon Web Services' new platform. SafetyNet 2 is now available with improvements to the software.

What's New in SafetyNet 2?

  • Major overhaul of SafetyNet functionality
  • Much more efficient process of scanning for changed files on local hard drive
  • Can now back up and restore hundreds of thousands of files
  • Server-side encryption of all data, both at rest and during transfer
  • Now deployed as a regular web application with a native operating system installer, instead of a FileMaker Server plug-in. This eliminates the possibility of interfering with FileMaker Server.


Pricing will remain the same. The SafetyNet plugin itself is free, and billing for the service is handled by Amazon: 99 cents per month, $1.00 per gigabyte per month stored, and $1.00 per gigabyte transferred. For example, using SafetyNet to back up a 275 MB FileMaker solution every night, with 7 days of previous versions stored online, would cost about $5.00 per month. You can get a price estimate for your solution files using our price estimator (click the yellow button in the pricing section of this page).

You will need to download and set up SafetyNet 2 for all new backups.

Download SafetyNet 2