360Works Releases 360Deploy!

Product Overview

In today's evolving market, development changes are requested more rapidly and the need for fast and efficient updated database versions are in high demand. For FileMaker Developers and Users, we are proud to announce the release of our newest product, 360Deploy. It automates and simplifies the process of rolling out updated database versions to a production FileMaker Server. It features a guided installation and setup process, a safe and intuitive method for data migration, and flexible pricing options. Furthermore, 360Deploy helps FileMaker developers cut back on downtime and the tedious labor typically associated with the deployment process.

Features and Benefits

  • Work on a test server and easily rollout new changes to a production server
  • Update a live FileMaker file in compliance with FileMaker Best Practices
  • Data migration made easy - automated data imports into live file
  • Worry-free! Archives backups of the production solution in timestamped folders
  • Click "one-button" to deploy, the rest of the process is hands-free!
  • Simple configuration - includes a guided installation and setup process
  • Minimize server downtimes
  • Scheduling feature allows the deployment to run unattended after hours
  • Save time and improve accuracy on tedious imports
  • Included in the 360Works Portfolio Bundle
  • Ideal for vertical market solution providers
  • You can skip the separation model, but if you choose to have multiple files 360Deploy supports this

What Problem Does it Solve?

360Deploy solves the age-old problem of making development changes on one FileMaker database and the need to merge updates with a live production database hosted on FileMaker Server. Current methods of working on a live file, writing script imports, or separating files to work can be undesirable, arduous, risk file corruption, or break an existing process.

How Does it Work?

FileMaker Developers working on a development file can deploy changes made to their database structure and import the data at the click of a button. It is a hands-free, robust tool designed to give developers a safe and efficient migration process through the following method:

  • Clones: creates a clone of the development database
  • Transfers: the clone is transferred to the production server
  • Imports: data is imported from the production database and into the clone to absorb the new architecture. *For large databases, it supports a scheduling feature to run imports overnight.
  • Sets Serial Numbers: Next serial numbers from old production databases are applied to new database version
  • Archives: as a safeguard, it backs up the production solution in archived, timestamped folders prior to import should clients wish to revert back to the old structure
  • Renames: renames the file
  • Resumes: reopens the file

At 360Works, we understand the fast turnaround requested for development changes. To give FileMaker Developers less frustration and more time back in their day, we designed 360Deploy with a simple, straightforward installation and setup. After installing the application on both the production and development server, there are only three steps to complete with our guided configuration utility as follows:

  1. Identify Servers
  2. Configure Login Credentials
  3. Choose Databases
  4. Two Copy and Paste Operations

Click here for an introductory video on how 360Deploy works!

Who Should Use 360Deploy?

360Deploy is for anyone who wants to do development on a separate copy of their database, rather than risk making changes on a live production server. It is especially beneficial for FileMaker Developers with a vertical market solution. With a few simple steps, they can make a change on their development server and deploy the change to the live production server for their entire user base. FileMaker Developers in a single company will also find 360Deploy very useful. While the company utilizes a FileMaker solution in day-to-day operations, the developer can make changes that will not interrupt workflow. FileMaker Development companies can also benefit from the time-saving effects of 360Deploy - no more spending the day on tedious, lengthy methods to update a solution for customers!

Feedback and Availability

360Deploy was previewed and demonstrated at the 2017 FileMaker Developer Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The product received large crowds at demonstrations and a warm welcome, with developers describing it as "the only piece missing" in their FileMaker solution. Johan Hedman, another FBA Platinum developer, tweeted that "The 360Deploy product from @360Works is probably the best #FileMaker related product I have seen in many years." 360Deploy is available as a free demo and for purchase with a variety of license editions at 360works.com/360Deploy. 360Works Portfolio Bundle subscribers will receive an Enterprise license of 360Deploy included with their subscription at no additional charge.