Improved 360Works Plug-in Usage with FileMaker Server and Better GUI Functions Update

Improved 360Works Plug-in Usage with FileMaker Server and Better GUI Functions Update

You can use our plug-ins to accomplish a variety of important tasks in FileMaker, such as credit card payments, sending and receiving formatted emails, email marketing campaign blasts, managing and manipulating Microsoft Office documents, media files, PDFs, and much more all within your FileMaker database.

At 360Works, we strive to provide the best possible service and support to our customers and to always keep our products compatible and flexible.

All Plug-ins Updated
Today, we are announcing a new minor update to our entire plug-in platform. This is especially important if you are running our plug-ins in FileMaker Server. You can now experience better stability and reliability with server-side usage.

This update will improve plug-in stability when running in FileMaker Server on Mac (with improvements to High Sierra compatibility), Windows, and FileMaker Cloud.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) functionality in our plug-ins is more reliable with this update. We have fixed a few graphic issues from the last minor update, and included more elegant progress bars and dialog windows.

360Works Email Plug-in
In the 360Works Email Plug-in, we fixed an issue where parameters to EmailReadMessageValue were being treated as case-sensitive. This is now fixed, and ignores upper and lower case. We also fixed an error reading dates on incoming messages and removed AOL Instant Messenger support (this service has been discontinued by Yahoo) and by removing these libraries it considerably shrinks the size of the e-mail plug-in, for instance the Mac plugin shrank from 18.6 megabytes to 6.3 megabytes.

360Works ScriptMaster Plug-in
With the 360Works ScriptMaster Plug-in, we fixed a bug where generated plug-ins did not work on the server after the first time they are called and fixed a bug that occurred when generating cross-platform plugins from Mac with ScriptMaster Advanced.

Recent Updates
We are constantly working to make our plug-ins work better for your development needs. In May of last year, we released a new major update to our plug-in framework to take advantage of the new functionality introduced in FileMaker 16 as well as eliminating the need for you to install a particular version of Java to be able to run our plug-ins. Since this release, we have been consistently working on minor improvements and updates; this update will be our third release since May 2017 of improving the quality of our plug-in platform.

How to Download Plug-in Updates
Below is a list of our current plug-in versions with links to their specific pages. You can manually download the updated plug-in version using the ?Download Current Version? link in the upper corner of each product page (or you can use our Auto-Update file).

Updated Plug-in Plug-in Description
360Deploy 1.02 Automated, simple deployment of new database versions
CloudMail 2.08 Send and track email marketing campaigns
Plastic 3.08 Payment processing plug-in
Scribe 3.08 Read and write PDF, Word, and Excel files
ScriptMaster 5.09 Adds many new functions & create custom plug-ins
Email 3.08 Send and receive text and HTML emails in FileMaker
FTPeek 2.08 FTP upload and download from your FileMaker database
WebAssistant 2.08 Access internet resources, URLs, and fill out web forms
JDBC 2.08 SQL access with JDBC Compatibility
Charts 2.08 Easy-to-use charting for FileMaker
RemoteScripter 2.08 Trigger scripts on FileMaker Pro from the web or IWP
Docubin 1.0065 Document Management in FileMaker
SuperContainer 2.9510 (Companion Plug-in) A better container field: faster speeds, smaller file sizes, web browser uploads, and cross-platform file path compatibility

For Scribe and CloudMail, you can use this update as long as you have a current maintenance subscription. For all other products, you can use this update if you own a valid license for the most recent major version.

Active Portfolio Bundle holders with a current maintenance subscription can use all updated versions of our products.

Please note: if you have an older version of a license, you will need to purchase the latest major version to run the update.

Custom Plug-in Users
If you have a 360Works custom plug-in, please contact us to get an updated version of our custom plug-in. In most cases, there will be no additional charge for this. (Charges may occur if additional development work is required. Rates will be billed at our hourly consulting rate of $185/hr. Please contact us for custom plug-in information.)