Replay of the 360Works 360Deploy 2 (new major version release) demo on 6/6/2018 presented by Joe Martin at the Atlanta FileMaker Developer meeting. Video recording provided by the Blue Feather Group.

360Deploy 2 compared to other methods of dev to prod changes in FileMaker:

360Deploy 2 requires FileMaker Pro or Advanced 16, and production databases must be hosted on FileMaker Server 14 or later.

After downloading 360Deploy on your server and configuring settings with the simple 360Deploy Setup utility, 360Deploy will deploy the development file changes to your users with the click of one button.

360Deploy 2 is available immediately for purchase from Pricing starts at $195, which includes deployment with a single FileMaker solution (this can be a multi-file solution) and a single production server. It allows updated file versions for one solution to be deployed to one live / production server. There is a free demo license available which can deploy to any number of servers for testing and evaluation purposes.

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