Best Offsite Backup for FileMaker and Reduced Pricing

Why 360Works SafetyNet?

As with all of our products, 360Works SafetyNet was specifically designed with the FileMaker Community in mind. SafetyNet is affordable, reliable, and most importantly...made for FileMaker.

SafetyNet is a FileMaker specific backup tool for an offsite backup of your FileMaker Server files in AWS Cloud (S3). SafetyNet adds another level of offsite backup in the event of theft, fire, earthquakes, hardware failure, and other unforeseeable events that could happen to the server. Other third-party backup options may require tricks or workarounds, but selecting SafetyNet as your backup option means you receive an easy backup tool that knows extra work needed.

It gives the peace of mind of having a solid backup strategy involving multiple levels of backup and a consistent schedule designed to work with FileMaker Server. It will back up whatever gets put in the SafetyNet folder (including remote container files), and will remove items if they are removed from the SafetyNet folder. By creating a FileMaker Server scheduled backup with the SafetyNet folder as the destination and selecting multiple days, all of those backup days will be stored in the SafetyNet folder, and it will all be preserved on Amazon S3.

Even if you are hosting your FileMaker Server with AWS, be aware that restoring backups with SafetyNet is much, much faster than restoring from AWS snapshots. Snapshots are good for protection against disaster, but they are not fast or convenient to restore from like SafetyNet. We recommend using SafetyNet with if you need security and the ultimate protection of your data.

Summary of SafetyNet Benefits:

  • FileMaker friendly - works hand-in-hand with FileMaker Server (including servers on AWS)
  • Remote, cloud-based file storage on Amazon S3 - always on!
  • No maximum size for backups
  • Secure - SSL encryption
  • Affordable - new simplified and reduced pricing model!
  • Easy and fast retrieval - one-click operation to automatically archive your old database (if it exists) and replace it with the backup database.

New Reduced Pricing:

SafetyNet has been around since 2010, and our pricing model has never changed. Back in those days, databases were rarely larger than a gigabyte. Obviously, times have changed, and we are lowering the pricing for SafetyNet to change as well:

Old pricing model:
$0.99 per month
$1.00 per gigabyte transferred
$1.00 per gigabyte stored (per month)

New pricing model:
$0.99 per month
No transfer fee
$1.00 - $0.05 per gigabyte stored (per month):
- First 10 gigabytes: $1.00 per gigabyte
- Next 90 gigabytes, up to 100: $0.25 per gigabyte
- Next 400 gigabytes, up to 500: $0.10 per gigabyte
- All storage above 500 gigabytes: $0.05 per gigabyte

Example pricing:
5 gigabytes stored per month is $5.99
50 gigabytes stored per month is $20.99
250 gigabytes stored per month is $48.49
1,000 gigabytes stored per month is $98.49

What Do Other FileMaker Developers Think?

"SafetyNet is exactly what I?ve been looking for: in a 5-minute setup, I was able to create a safe and simple way to schedule database backups to the cloud. I?m extremely impressed with the ease of setup and reasonable cost. Well done, 360Works!? ?Bob Patin, Longterm Solutions

"I installed this, it works perfectly, and was easy to setup. I can't imagine not using this, given my initial experience.? ?Matt Navarre, AppWorks

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