Sync Calendar with FileMaker using Zulu

New Update: Zulu 3.1

We recently released an update with improvements for our FileMaker Calendar Sync Tool, 360Works Zulu.

Zulu integrates FileMaker with Apple, Google, and Exchange Calendars.

It is easy to install. There are no scripts to edit or files to modify. Simply run the installer, walk through the configuration process, and publish your calendar.

Sync your application events with ease.


This is a free update for Zulu 3 users with active maintenance for Zulu or the Portfolio Bundle!  Maintenance is active for one year from date of purchase or one year from date of maintenance renewal purchase. If you need a new license or have a license with expired maintenance and wish to use Zulu 3, you can purchase a new license at the Zulu product page.


Never tried Zulu? You can download a free demo license, also available at the Zulu product page. While in demo mode, the product will run for 2 hours every time you launch FileMaker.



 List of improvements: 

  • Added Minimum Start Date for Exchange Calendars
  • Improved audit log during startup
  • Improved conflict management when syncing to Google and Exchange Calendars

  • Better sync data recovery on startup
  • Fixed an issue when updating parent events with child exceptions
  • Multi day events are better handled in Apple Calendar

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