360Works is pleased to announce a new version of its 360Works SuperContainer!

New in this version:

Version 1.85 (2/6/2008)

  • Server: Better cross-platform support for displaying correctly sized images when SuperContainer cannot create a thumbnail.
  • Plugin: Improvements to speed and stability when downloading files from SuperContainer to the local machine via the plugin.
  • Plugin: Downloading PDF files from a server which is using OS X Core Imaging displays an image if max width or height is specified (this means you can now view PDF thumbnails in portals).

Version 1.841 (2/6/2008)

  • Changes to Mac-only image resizer with OS X Core Imaging - continues to use this, even if one image does not work

Version 1.84 (2/5/2008)

  • Fixes to how file paths are converted between the FileMaker path format (includes volume name) and OS X format (does not include volume name)
  • Fix bug when uploading large number of files with SCSetContainer - previously froze up after about 300 uploads.

Version 1.83 (2/4/2008)

  • Better handling of gigantic file sizes; now returns original unresized file to browser without running out of memory

Version 1.82 (1/29/2008)

  • Now embeds a max-width css attribute into the img tag, even if it cannot resize the image. This means that it will display correctly in your browser / web viewer, although you are downloading the full size image and then it is being shrunk down in the browser.
  • Fixed a problem where SCGetContainer plugin function could return this error: "Can't start the AWT because Java was started on the first thread"
  • Fixed some memory leaks in the companion plugin; could cause excessive memory useage when used thousands of times.
  • Better error reporting

You can download the latest release files from http://www.360works.com/supercontainer/