We're pleased to introduce our new 360Works Portfolio License - a way to get all our products at a great price.

The 360Works Portfolio License provides you with:

  • More than 70% discount on all our products
  • New releases and paid upgrades at no extra charge
  • Early access to unreleased products
  • Discount on custom development
  • Single license key convenience

How does it work?

For $1,995, the 360Works Portfolio License entitles you to Enterprise versions all our current products, including the popular SuperContainer. The Enterprise License allows unlimited use within a single organization regardless of the number of users and locations, and includes deployment on FileMaker Server and through Web Publishing.

As an active 360Works Portfolio License holder, you will receive a Enterprise versions of new products and paid upgrades released up to a year after your Portfolio License purchase. Simply renew your License for an annual cost of $995 to keep receiving new and upgraded products after the first year. The products you receive during your Portfolio License subscription are yours to keep, regardless of whether you choose to renew your License.

Credit for previous purchases

You can apply up to $1,600 of past product purchases towards a 360Works Portfolio License, simply by entering existing registration keys on the online checkout page. If you already own more than one of our products, you can pick up the rest for next to nothing!

Early access

The 360Works Portfolio License allows you a sneak peak at our unreleased and upcoming products. When the product officially ships, you will of course receive it as well.

Save on custom development

As a 360Works Portfolio License holder, you can save an additional 20% off custom plugin development, whether it's adding specific functionality to an existing product or creating a unique solution just for you. Even if you don't use this directly, you'll benefit indirectly by receiving these enhancements for free as part of your Portfolio license.

Greater convenience

A single Portfolio License key will activate and register all products included in the Portfolio License, including future releases and upgrades.

How much does a Portfolio License save you?

SuperContainer - the easiest way to upload, view, and download files to and from any FileMaker database, plus it offers numerous advantages over FileMaker's built-in container field: faster speeds, smaller file sizes, web browser uploads, and cross-platform file path compatibility.
FTPeek - upload, download, and manipulate remote files on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server from within any FileMaker solution.
AdminAnywhere - takes your FileMaker Server mobile, and lets you accomplish critical administrative tasks from anywhere there is an internet connection.
Plastic - makes it easy to process secure, SSL-encrypted credit card payments from FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server.
Textractor - extracts plain text from non-plain files, like PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel documents.
Charts - very easy-to-use plugin for generating various types of graphical charts.
Patterns - performs Regular Expression matching within FileMaker Pro.
Email - sends and receives e-mail with SMTP, POP, and IMAP from your FileMaker solution.
Difference Engine - lets you see color-coded differences between field contents, showing users what text has changed between two similar versions.
JDBC - lets you use JDBC to access any database from within FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.
Web Assistant - lets you POST and GET URLs directly from FileMaker; perfect for filling out online forms, downloading web sites into FileMaker, or grabbing an image from the web and storing it into a container field.
RemoteScripter - allows you to remotely trigger FileMaker scripts on another computer.
Foreign Exchange - uses the FileMaker calculation engine to provide up-to-date currency conversion functions from within any FileMaker solution.
ScriptMaster - free, general-purpose, modular plugin that comes out of the box with modules for file manipulation, URL and network utilities, Web Services, shell scripting, event/script triggering, and many others.

Total price of products purchased separately


Savings - over 70% off full price

The 360Works Portfolio License saves a full $5,394 over the purchase of all our current products separately. In fact, a Portfolio License costs less than just three of our most popular products - SuperContainer, Textractor, and Plastic. The cost savings is just one of the many benefits of the Portfolio License, which also include:

  • Single license key convenience
  • Discount on custom development
  • Early access to unreleased products
  • New releases and paid upgrades at no extra charge

Learn more

You can find out more about the 360Works Portfolio License at www.360works.com/portfolio/ and explore our products at www.360works.com/products/. Feel free to call us with any questions at 866-662-9185.