What's new in ScriptMaster 3?

ScriptMaster 3 no longer requires you to manually install a plugin! Using 360Works' Auto Update server, the plugin will be automatically installed upon launch, making it even easier to integrate ScriptMaster and its modules into your own solution.

Version 3 includes the following new modules:

  • QuickTime Frame Capture - Capture a snapshot from an iSight camera or any other QuickTime-compatible video input
  • Create AES Secret Key - Generates a secure key that can be used with the next 2 functions
  • EncryptAES / DecryptAES - Uses the Rijndael AES encryption algorithm to encrypt data adhering to US Government standards to protect classified information
  • Crop Image - Crops an image to specified coordinates
  • Popup Menu - Takes a return-separated list of menu choices; returns the user's choice as the function result
  • Zip File - Creates a .zip archive of a file or directory
  • URLDecode - Compliments FileMaker's built-in GetAsURLEncoded function
  • List All Files Recursively - Lists all files in a directory, including subdirectories
  • Get File Size - Gets the size, in bytes, of a file on disk
  • Get File Modification Date - Gets the date that a file was modified
  • Better Random - Handles issues with FileMaker's built-in random number generator
  • Validate XML - Performs a syntax check on an XML text to see whether it is well-formed

We've focused on making ScriptMaster 3 easier to use than previous version. The new version includes re-written documentation and a video tutorial which makes it faster than ever for developers to get started with ScriptMaster and enhance their FileMaker functionality. We have also completely redesigned the user interface with help from Matt Petrowsky for a cleaner look and better navigation.

Find out more and watch scriptmaster demo videos at http://360works.com/scriptmaster/