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We are pleased to be Diamond Level Sponsors of the 2018 FileMaker Developer Conference in Grapevine, Texas at the Gaylord Texan Resort. For 22 years we have been producing easy-to-use, customized solutions. Our plugins and extensions for FileMaker have won Solution of the Year Awards at past FileMaker Developer conferences and we were one of the first platinum-level members in the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA).

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The 360Works team will be presenting at two sessions during DevCon 2018:

1.) 360Works Session: Wednesday, August 8th at 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. *Room Location: Dallas 5 - 7
360Deploy: The Solution for FileMaker Version Management

Jesse will show how 360Deploy uses features in the latest release of FileMaker Server to make it easier and faster than ever to deploy your development database to production, while preserving all of your production data.

Session Objectives

  • Deploy a development database to one or many production servers over a WAN
  • Avoid making the same changes on multiple database copies
  • Deploy versions of your commercial solution to your customers
  • Combine the easy deployment of the separation model with the simplicity of a single file solution

2.) Integration Session: Wednesday, August 8th at 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. *Room Location: Texas C
Beyond Virtual Machines: Tapping into the AWS Universe of Services

This session is NOT about how to run FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instead, we will embark on a one hour tour of the incredibly powerful software as a service (SaaS) offerings from AWS. AWS is the largest cloud computing vendor in the world, with services such as real-time message queues, machine learning, and massive on-demand general computing services. You'll learn how to interact directly with any of these services by sending AWS requests using the FileMaker Platforms Insert from URL, JSON, and encryption features.

Recommended Background
Experience with the Insert from URL script step, REST APIs, cURL, and JSON.

Session Objectives

  • How to send AWS requests natively
  • Transferring container data to and from Amazon S3
  • High-performance audit logging using Kinesis
  • Transcription service for audio recordings

360Works Booth Action!

Booth Action #1: Free Consulting - MirrorSync Setup Station

Heard about MirrorSync and just haven’t found the time to get it set up? At DevCon, we are taking care of the setup up for you! That’s right, a service which we typically provide at our hourly consulting rate, we are providing to you, completely free at the 360Works booth during DevCon 2018 (see limitations below).

Once one of our experienced developers sets up MirrorSync for you, the syncing possibilities will be endless. With MirrorSync, you can sync any combination of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, and SQL databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, WordPress, Salesforce, and more! You can even test it out by using it to sync your data while on the go at DevCon. If you need more people or databases to start syncing with a particular database, adding additional configurations and devices is a cinch!

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Booth Action #2: Free FileMaker 17 Book from Richard Carlton Consulting

Are you a fan of the FileMaker Training Videos? Richard Carlton will have free copies of his new FileMaker 17 book available at our booth. Please note, the books will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to stop by our booth to secure a copy of the book.

Booth Action #3: Guides and Giveaways

Product and pricing guides will be available to get all of your questions answered at once. Additionally, if you are a fan of 360Works we will have some swag for you! Be one of the first to share a Tweet about how you are using MirrorSync on the first day of DevCon using hashtags #MirrorSync and #FileMakerDevCon and you will win a cool MirrorSync t-shirt! Tweets will be selected based on order received.

Booth Action #4: Live Demonstrations

Jesse will be conducting live demonstrations of some of our most popular products on the big screen at our booth. Additionally, if there is a product feature you’ve always wondered about, a 360Works team member will be happy to walk you through a live demonstration on a computer at our booth.

New Releases

This year, we are excited to showcase major improvements in 360Deploy and MirrorSync. Our Email and FTPeek Plugins have also received added features that leverage powerful technology found in Amazon Web Services. We are able to demo in more detail the following NEW updates for you at our DevCon booth:

  • 360Deploy - now uses the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, experience faster and easier FileMaker data migration and solution version management
  • MirrorSync - more details coming soon, you will want to ensure your maintenance is up to date to receive the newest features when they are released. Renew your maintenance here.
  • Email Plugin - now uses AWS for sending SMS/Text Messages, send texts to subscribers from your FileMaker solution and receive the additional benefits of a complete email plugin with formatted inbound and outbound email sending capabilities. Its a 2-for-1 deal.
  • FTPeek Plugin - now uses AWS S3 for file storage, FileMaker FTP Plugin that is easy to implement and supports SFTP and FTPS

Current Products

Want to evaluate certain 360Works products ahead of time? The list below provides all products included in our Portfolio

Product Description
360Deploy NEW! Automated, simple deployment of new database versions to your server. The Portfolio Bundle ships with an Enterprise license which allows updated file versions for an unlimited number of solutions to be deployed to one live / production server.
MirrorSync An easy to use and setup synchronization tool that links FileMaker Server to FileMaker Pro/Go and SQL data sources. Take your data with you, anywhere!
DocuBin A cross platform system created for document and digital asset management
SuperContainer The easiest way to upload, view, and download files to and from any FileMaker database, plus it offers numerous advantages over FileMaker's built-in container field: faster speeds, smaller file sizes, web browser uploads, and cross-platform file path compatibility.
Web Services Manager Publishes your FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services, which makes it easy to integrate with FileMaker from virtually any other system, programming language, operating system, or hardware.
FTPeek Upload, download, and manipulate remote files on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server from within any FileMaker solution.
AdminAnywhere Takes your FileMaker Server mobile, and lets you accomplish critical administrative tasks from anywhere there is an internet connection.
Plastic Makes it easy to process secure, SSL-encrypted credit card payments from FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server.
Scribe The ultimate text processor for working with PDF, Microsoft Office files, and text fields in FileMaker
Charts Very easy-to-use plugin for generating various types of graphical charts.
CloudMail Sends and tracks e-mail campaigns and newsletters using Amazon Web Services
Email Sends and receives e-mail with SMTP, POP, and IMAP from your FileMaker solution.
JDBC Lets you use JDBC to access any database from within FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.
Web Assistant Lets you POST and GET URLs directly from FileMaker; perfect for filling out online forms, downloading web sites into FileMaker, or grabbing an image from the web and storing it into a container field.
RemoteScripter Allows you to remotely trigger FileMaker scripts on another computer.
ScriptMaster Advanced General-purpose, modular plugin that comes out of the box with modules for SQL access, file manipulation, URL and network utilities, Web Services, shell scripting, event/script triggering, and many others.
Zulu FileMaker calendar sync with iCal and Google Calendar integration

See you in Texas!

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