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MirrorSync 3 introduced huge speed improvements, new support for syncing Salesforce with FileMaker, better memory, support for multiple configurations, and much more!

MirrorSync 3 shipped with new features such as:

  • Speed improvements - now 2-4 times faster for client-to-server syncs and 6 times faster for server-to-server syncs
  • Support for syncing FileMaker databases with Salesforce and Amazon Redshift (SQL databases also compatible)
  • Support for multiple configurations - set up a client-to-server and server-to-server sync to run simultaneously or set up multiple client-to-server syncs to sync only certain tables in certain directions
  • Now uses the native JDBC driver when talking to FileMaker Server
  • Simplifications made to the set up process - configuration wizard has enhanced ease-of-use
  • Trigger server-to-server syncs from FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go
  • More memory efficient - less likely to run out of memory

Current MirrorSync 2 users can pay an upgrade fee (40% of the purchase cost) to upgrade to MirrorSync 3.
Existing Portfolio license holders who are still under maintenance, can now upgrade to MirrorSync 3 at no charge to upgrade the 10 devices.

Here's what other FileMaker Developers had to say about MirrorSync 3:

“We went live with the upgrade to MirrorSync 3 last Friday and so far everything seems great. The users are very happy with the speed increase.”
—Bill Krauss, Angel City Data

“We purchased the license and so far we have had a lot of success with MirrorSync. We like it so much that we are switching another project over to MirrorSync. ” —Evan Rawson, Coresolutions Software Inc.

“No-change syncs are reduced from about 18 seconds in MirrorSync 2 to 6 seconds in version 3. Nice job!” —David Buck, Seachem

MirrorSync 3 is 2-4 times faster than MirrorSync 2.

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