MirrorSync 1.42 has been released (http://360works.com/MirrorSync). The major new feature is the ability to specify internal and external IP addresses separately. MirrorSync is smart enough to detect whether you're syncing from inside the network or outside of it, and switch to the appropriate internal/external address depending on where you are when you sync. We've also added the ability to configure your web server IP address separately from your FileMaker Server IP address, for you fancy folks running split deployments.

Other fixes include:

  • More reliable communication over slow/unreliable networks
  • Fixed a case where sometimes client would not send modifications to server, if the modification timestamp field was empty (because the field was just added)

Fixes from 1.41 (November 21st, 2012) include:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause unnecessary deletion scanning during initial sync, making it slower.
  • Better detection of which fields are read-only
  • Various bug fixes and validation improvements for tables with compound primary keys