SuperContainer ( has been updated to version 2.87. SuperContainer makes file storage faster, more efficient, and more flexible than standard container fields, and it keeps getting better. With this new version, users with iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices running iOS 6 or later can now upload files directly to SuperContainer. Utilizing Safari uploads in iOS 6, you can directly upload files from within a web viewer in a FileMaker solution or even straight from a web browser (requires Enterprise license). Collect images and files straight from the field on an iPad and store them where needed on the server, or upload images from an iPhone's photo library.

SuperContainer 2.87 also adds better foreign character support by making file names and URL character handling more robust. Uploads, URLs, and upload directories work much better with non US-ASCII character sets. We've corrected some problems with SuperContainer server and IIS 7, and fixed the applet to correctly work with spaces in file names and upload directories. We've also fixed some file name encoding issues in the HTML UI.

In addition, you can now generate thumbnails for more types of TIFF files when SuperContainer is deployed with Tomcat. Thumbnails should now generate correctly when deploying with FileMaker Server.

Users who upgrade will experience much faster speeds when using SCSetBaseURL. Also, a memory leak has been found and fixed in the SuperContainer companion plug-in.

Download the update today at