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Introducing Plastic 2

June 4, 2013 — 360Works is proud to announce the release of Plastic 2! The Plastic 2 plug-in makes it easy to process secure, SSL-encrypted credit card payments from FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Web Publishing.

Plastic 2 can run charges and transactions with credit-card swipers, card-not-present accounts, direct check debiting, and much more. Plastic 2 introduces profile-based payments, or tokenization, which save payment and customer data to the gateway.

Profile-based payments: PCI compliance made easy

Profile-based payments, also known as tokenization, save payment and customer information with the merchant provider instead of in your database. By keeping this sensitive data out of your solution, obtaining PCI compliance is much simpler.

Use this stored information to process payments quickly and securely, without having to re-key or swipe card data multiple times. Using 360Works Plastic, the database only stores a customer token (instead of actual card data) which can then be used to run future charges.

Subscriptions and recurring payments

Set up recurring billing to automatically charge customers on a schedule. Save the payment information straight to the gateway, not your database, along with a specified time period and frequency.

Bill customers on flexible, customized schedules, perfect for non-profit or donation campaigns. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Direct debits and ACH payments

With Plastic 2, you can take an electronic check with Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Supported with six gateways, this payment method will process a direct debit sale, void, or refund straight to a bank account.

Never lose a sale due to payment methods again with ACH payments— visit the website to learn more!

Many new gateways!

Process payments with your preferred provider, right in FileMaker. Plastic 2 now supports 12 total gateways, giving you complete choice over which payment gateway to use, or which gateway provides the best rates for your account.

Plastic 1 gateways:
    PayPal PayFlow Pro
New in Plastic 2!
   First Data
     Merchant eSolutions
   Merchant Warrior
   USA ePay


Easy integration with demos and documentation

Integrating all these new features, as well as Plastic favorites like card swipes, authorizations, and more, is a snap with a brand-new demo file that features scripts ready made for your solution. Simply find the feature you need in the list of scripts and copy it straight into your FileMaker store, point of sale system, eCommerce site or even your invoicing system and more.

Our new documentation website, http://docs.360works.com, will also provide tons of guidance and instructions on how to implement each gateway for your FileMaker solution!

Plastic 2 is our first 64 bit plug-in, meaning it will run in the custom web publishing engine in FileMaker Server 12. 64 bit versions of Plastic 1 and other 360Works plug-ins are coming soon, so make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed, Facebook, or Twitter for notifications.

For more information...

With these features and improvements, now Plastic 2 is not only the easiest way to charge credit cards with FileMaker, it's also the most full-featured. Charge credit cards securely, knowing that Plastic 2 takes care of the work for you.

Plastic 2 is included with the 360Works Portfolio Bundle, which means that current subscribers will receive a Plastic 2 Enterprise License for free. It can be purchased separately as a $149 single user license, $195 Workgroup license for 10 users, or $695 Enterprise license for unlimited users and FileMaker Server / Web Publishing deployment. Upgrade pricing from version 1 is also available.

Download a free, fully-featured demo or purchase an upgrade from our website: