Ready to upgrade?

We're just as excited as you are to dive into all the great new features of FileMaker 13. That's why we've been working hard to make sure our products are compatible with the latest version. There are a few things to mention before installing FileMaker 13, though.

Updated Installer and Known Issues

FileMaker Server 13 uses a completely new web server configuration, and our installers are currently being updated to use these new configurations properly. Previously installed products listed below will need to be updated to a new version, or installed manually. We'll have new installers out as soon as we can for the following products:

  • Zulu
  • SuperContainer deployed with FileMaker Server
  • DocuBin Enterprise Edition

Web Services Manager installs a little differently with this web server configuration, and we've added instructions in our documentation on how to deploy with FileMaker Server 13.

Please also note that once you have enabled a FileMaker Server side plug-in for scheduled scripts, you should not disable it and then re-enable it. If you do, you will need to restart the server side scripting engine.

SafetyNet does not currently work with FileMaker Server 13. We're currently working on a fix for these issues, so keep an eye on our RSS feed for the next release.

Moving to 64-bit plug-ins

Our products already ship with a 64-bit version included, available for use by Mac or Windows platforms. With FileMaker Server on Windows, you'll need to use the .fmx64 file included with our download. Use this 64-bit plug-in in all server side plug-ins, including scheduled scripts and web technologies.

The location for these plug-ins will be:

Scheduled Scripts

  • FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions

Web Technologies, including PHP, XML, and WebDirect

  • FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins

List of Compatible Products

Product Works with FileMaker 13?
DocuBin Works with Workgroup Edition. Enterprise Edition coming soon!
MirrorSync 2
Remote Scripter
SafetyNet New version coming soon!
SuperContainer Works in standalone. Deployments with FMS coming soon!
Web Assistant
Web Services Manager
Zulu New version coming soon!

If you have any questions about this update, or any of our products, check our website at, or let us know at and we'd be happy to help.