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MirrorSync 2.1 ships with new features for FileMaker 13!

360Works announced MirrorSync 2.1 today, a free update with major improvements to speed, reliability, and ease of use.  MirrorSync is the best way to use your FileMaker database on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop without a network connection. Work on your own offline database at the fastest possible speed, and sync your changes with FileMaker Server when you have working network access.

With this update, MirrorSync 2 is still completely free for a single offline device.

Major speed gains with FileMaker Pro and Go 13!

MirrorSync 2.1 is now much faster, especially with FileMaker Pro or Go 13. One customer saw his iPad sync times improve from 30 seconds to 6 seconds with this upgrade - 5 times faster!

Simplified container field syncing with FileMaker Pro and Go 13

MirrorSync 2.1 now uses standard HTTP networking to transmit all files stored as container data. With this new feature, mobile FileMaker Pro/Go users never need to connect as a guest of FileMaker Server! IT administrators will greatly appreciate this feature, as it does not require port 5003 access, making it firewall-friendly, proxy-friendly, and bandwidth-efficient.

Many, many improvements to reliability and sync accuracy

It’s taken a lot of work, but we have resolved every single support issue. MirrorSync 2 is being used on a daily basis in countries around the globe for syncing everything from single-table systems with a few records to multi-file solutions with hundreds of thousands of records, and has been deployed on more than 50 new servers per month since launching in December.

Fast and easy sync setup

MirrorSync has always been known for its simple setup process. MirrorSync 2.1 continues to make improvements in this area with better validation and easier instructions. If you’re upgrading from version 2.0, all you need to do is run the installer, re-copy the script steps to your FileMaker database on the server, and you’re done! Users with older offline files will still be able to sync without interruption, but they will only get the speed benefits after downloading the database with the new script. If you’re new to MirrorSync, you’ll find that the setup time is often less than an hour from installation to your first sync.

Dozens of other improvements:

  • MirrorSync can now run on Linux while syncing with FileMaker Server on Mac or Windows
  • Added support for FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Server 10
  • Exponentially faster conflict resolution for large numbers of records
  • Reduced disk space for internal sync data; added ability to manage disk space per device
  • Solved limitation of 64,000 max characters inherent in FileMaker Go
  • More multithreading for faster syncs
  • Better support for international numeric formats
  • Much better memory efficiency during very large server-to-server initial syncs
  • Many other improvements - see the changelog for full details!


MirrorSync 2.1 is FREE for syncing a single FileMaker Pro or Go device (iPad, iPhone, laptop, or desktop) with FileMaker Server. Additional devices are priced as low as $50 each.


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