All new versions of 360Works plug-ins!

Important Update for All Users

All 360Works plugins have been updated to new versions. Plugins are now fully compatible with Mac (OS X 10.6 +) and Windows (Windows Server 2003 - 2012R2 ; Windows 7+) and FileMaker Server 11-13, including Web Publishing, Server-Scheduled Scripts and Perform Script on Server.

360Works plugins now require FileMaker 11 or later, and will not work with earlier versions.

We highly recommend all users install these FREE plugin updates for all 360Works plugins. To remove all existing plugins, visit our plugin removal page.

Full 64-bit Support

360Works plugins are now fully 64-bit compatible for use across all supported operating systems and versions of FileMaker.

New AutoUpdate Functions

We have rebuilt our plugin AutoUpdate process to be compatible with all operating systems, FileMaker versions and deployment options. Plugins can now be updated across all devices by script, including server-side scripts.

Zulu Updated

360Works Zulu has been updated with an improved installer for FileMaker 13 and Windows 2012 compatibility, as well as support for the latest version of Google Calendar.

Downloading and installing the update

To update, select your product below and choose "Download the current version." Be sure to remove existing plugins!

Charts Email
Plastic RemoteScripter
Scribe ScriptMaster
SuperContainer WebAssistant

About 360Works

Located in metro Atlanta, 360Works, a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance member, has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for 15 years. The company is a leading developer of both shrink-wrapped and custom database design solutions for clients such as NASA, Pixar, US Marines, Make-A-Wish foundation and others. The company is credited for its forward-thinking solutions, dedication and unparalleled client service.

The Staff, 360Works
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