360Works targets a fairly horizontal market segment, and has developed products and solutions for many different industries. View the case studies listed here for a small sample of the clients we have worked with. These solutions include using FileMaker plugins, FileMaker consulting, and custom software solutions to meet a variety of needs.

FileMaker Plugins, FileMaker Tools, and Consulting from 360Works

All Valley Hose and Supply: Using MirrorSync to Improve WAN by Syncing FileMaker Servers and Offline Work
See how easy it is to improve your FileMaker speed across the country and work offline in this great story featuring family business, All Valley Hose and Industrial Supply using MirrorSync in their FileMaker solution!

FileMaker App, ConnEDCt, for Field-based Clinical Research Uses MirrorSync
Learn about FileMaker Developer and Business Owner, Caleb Ruth, who was generous enough to spend time sharing with us some of the aspects of his work with health information systems which leverage MirrorSync!

FileMaker Developer Testimonial Review of 360Works - How Kevin Chavez Uses 360Works Plugins to Build the Best Custom Apps!
Learn all bout Kevin Chavez's experience with 360Works as we highlight his use of MirrorSync, 360Deploy, and the Email Plugin with various clients!

FileMaker and Salesforce Integration using MirrorSync: The Sightlines Group Story
When Chris Barber, FileMaker developer and founder of Sightlines Group, needed a way to integrate FileMaker and Salesforce he reached out to 360Works and used MirrorSync to sync his FileMaker and Salesforce data. Read all about his company and their experience using MirrorSync for FileMaker and Salesforce integration.

Sync FileMaker Go without Network Connection on a Ship: The YWAM Story
YWAM's medical care ships use 360Works MirrorSync to sync FileMaker Go at sea and in areas of PNG where there is no network connection for access to FileMaker Server. See how FileMaker Developer Marty Thomasson builds them the ideal app and integrates MirrorSync!

The Luke Commission: Sync Solution for Medical Data
The Luke Commission used 360Works MirrorSync as a reliable method to sync mobile medical data in a FileMaker solution built by Soliant Consulting. The Luke Commission (TLC) works in the rural communities of Southern Africa to provide healthcare services to people in great need.

REX Hospice Veterinary Software Built with FileMaker
Business leader, Dennis Hopkins, uses 360Works Scribe, 360Works MirrorSync, and 360Deploy to transform his FileMaker custom app, REX, into a popular hospice veterinary vertical market solution.

IMS ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting)
Improved procedures for 2,500 EMS providers in Ohio by using MirrorSync in a FileMaker custom app for collecting sensitive data in life-threatening situations.

Cooper Flooring (Home Depot)
Grew their business from 13 to 130 Home Depot stores with the help of SuperContainer.

Blue Bird Corporation
Blue Bird Corporation used 360Works Email plugin to track sent and received emails in conjunction with a case tracking tool from FileMaker.

The Titanic Museum
The Titanic Museum in Branson, MO upgraded their FileMaker to the latest version and added Plastic, which added new functionality and credit card processing to their accounting, sales, and payroll database.

BC Innovations
360Works built a solution using FileMaker, FileMaker's Instant Web Publishing, 360Works Email plugin, and SuperContainer to help manage BC Innovations' proposals, events, and emails.

Compass Real Estate
Upgrading Compass Real Estate's data from Excel to FileMaker allowed this real estate and development company to quickly enter, search, and analyze data. Adding SuperContainer gave them a central location for all their documents.

Pool Pro
This case study shows how Pool Pro Office, Inc. solved their backup problems and realized speed gains of 500% with SuperContainer.

Used FTPeek, Web Assistant, and Email to let users upload files and send emails from a customized website.

Clutch Studios
Using SuperContainer allowed for a fast browser-based solution for their studio and inventory management.

Springs Creative
For Springs Creative, 360Works used SuperContainer to reduce file size with a current database and streamline their work flow.

Bernard Hodes Group
FileMaker, WebObjects, Applescript integration with Quark.

Make-A-Wish Foundation
FileMaker, revised existing system and incorporated new features.

University of Alabama - AIDS Research
Extranet site incorporating FileMaker and Lasso.

Ad Ventures
FileMaker - new system integration.

Town Planner Publications
Applescript and FileMaker application to manage ad placement in monthly publications.

Quebecor Printing
FileMaker, incorporated new features in existing system.

Atlanta Business Chronicle
FileMaker, Applescript, integration with faxing software.

Custom Solutions
Audio recording application built with Java and deployed in a cross-platform environment to record launch test audio commentary.

Intranet site using WebObjects to manage store listings and newspaper advertising with Cingular Wireless, one of their major accounts.

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