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360Works is proud to offer our development services for the mobile platform. 360Works is a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, has nine certified FileMaker developers on staff, and has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for 20 years. With this experience and knowledge, 360Works can design and create the perfect FileMaker Go application for your business.

360Works has also created shrink-wrapped solutions that can do more with FileMaker Go solutions. MirrorSync will take FileMaker Server databases to FileMaker Go without a need for an internet connection. Synchronize multiple offline copies of a solution back to FileMaker Server with this easy to use product.

Made for FileMaker Go: Lampe and Malphrus Lumber Company

Lampe and Malphrus Lumber Company, a lumber company located in North Carolina, required a FileMaker system to track incoming logs, producers, loggers, tracts, price lists, and payments. 360Works built a solution that now electronically tracks all the business data they need.

Workers can also record data on their iPad with a specially designed interface that records log measurements using FileMaker Go. These scale masters interface directly with the FileMaker solution using layouts meant for iPad and FileMaker Go.

Made for FileMaker Go: Lighting Audits from iPads

When a major lighting company required a way to audit lighting systems, they turned to 360Works to build a solution that would take their auditor's paper notes and Excel spreadsheets and digitize the whole process. Previously, users took note of every lighting fixture, part, and feature on paper and faxed it back to a main office. Transcribing those notes took time, and could have introduced errors in the audits. Auditors now can use FileMaker Go with iPad to record all the information they need and simply push the data back to the main FileMaker database. This FileMaker database then took that information and generated custom reports. Audits on pen and paper could take several days and many man-hours, but by using custom iPad layouts designed by 360Works, audits can now be fast and error-free.

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