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Part of what makes a successful project is choosing the right tools, and our experiences with different environments and platforms allow us to choose from a wide arsenal of options to attack your problems. Here's some of our favorite technologies, and why we choose them. Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list- our developers all have their favorite tools

FileMaker Pro

The FileMaker family of products has been allowing programmers to develop powerful, user-friendly databases since 1992. Now on its 15th version, FileMaker has proven to be a consistent, cross-platform solution for small, growing, and large applications in what has oftentimes been a crowded field. FileMaker Pro’s feature set allows for FileMaker data to be published to the web and allows easy integration with other software. FileMaker Server ensures that databases are scalable and able to support large numbers of users. On top of that, FileMaker allows for rapid application development as compared to other database platforms.

We use FileMaker as the backbone for a majority of our database projects, from small contact management solutions to complex databases for large organizations. FileMaker is well suited to our development process, allowing us to quickly develop features, deliver to clients, and implement feedback painlessly.


Let's say you have a FileMaker database, but you need it to work seamlessly with all of the different software, web services, and peripherals that make up your working universe. Chances are that all of those systems have a Java API or JDBC connection that allows developers like us to create custom FileMaker plugins in Java to tie together all of the disparate pieces of your work.

Java isn’t just for plugins! When NASA needed a customized audio recording application to make their ELV (Expendable Launch Vehicle) testing more efficient, they contacted 360Works. Their requirements – cross-platform compatibility, custom audio handling and compression, and precise time stamping – made this project a good candidate for using Java as a standalone application. By making use of the Java QuickTime library, we were able to deliver the project on time and under budget.


Do you use Facebook? Then you use PHP. PHP is a widely-used general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. On top of that, PHP can be used seamlessly with FileMaker using the FileMaker PHP API and Custom Web Publishing. Imagine – your FileMaker data available to users or clients in a clean, browser based solution.

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