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AWS Case Study with Secure Transportation

AWS Success Story - Secure Transportation

360Works worked with Secure Transportation to create several high volume mobile and web applications using Amazon Web Services offerings in conjunction with FileMaker. By leveraging Amazon Aurora MySQL-compatible edition, and Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows along with 360Works MirrorSync to sync MySQL with FileMaker Server,  the applications were able to achieve user workloads much higher than what FileMaker Server would be able to handle.

Secure Transportation is a top-rated ground transportation company dedicated to providing medical, student, and executive transportation, as well as transit services. The drivers needed to be able to track passenger drop-offs and pick-ups to manage assigned trips efficiently across the company. Additionally, passengers needed a mobile app for people to book their own transportation.

Successful Solution
Sam Barnum at 360Works worked on a FileMaker application which hooked in with AWS tools for Secure Transportation to handle the application requirements needed for both drivers and passengers. He wrote extensive mobile and web-based applications which use the MySQL server and Java as a back-end. The FileMaker application was then synced using MirrorSync, an award-winning synchronization tool developed by 360Works. Sam used 360Works MirrorSync to sync between FileMaker Server and MySQL on AWS, as the loads were too much for FileMaker Server. 360Works had a production instance and a dev instance for staging new versions.

Amazon Aurora MySQL-compatible edition was used for reporting in FileMaker, by syncing to help with loads that FileMaker could not bear alone. By building a web portal for transportation providers, they were able to see and manage their assigned trips. The driver mobile app enabled drivers to receive a list of pick-ups and drop-offs for passengers. The application provided the ability to navigate and check them off. The passenger mobile app for people to book their own transportation leveraged Amazon Aurora as well.   

Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows was used for production and beta web application instances, corresponding to the MySQL instances. 360Works had additional boxes EC2 boxes configured for Wordpress (Secure Transportation's public site), synchronization (production, dev), Active Directory, and several others.

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January 29th, 2021