Portfolio Bundle

For less than the cost of 3 of our most popular plugins, you can get the entire 360Works plugin portfolio, all upgrades and most new releases for a year, and a single license key that works for all covered products.


Saves Money
Purchasing the Portfolio Bundle is the equivalent of buying 3 plugins and getting 10 free, and it includes upgrades and new releases for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Saves Time
The Portfolio Bundle simplifies license keys. You will receive a single license key for all products. Your subscription means you receive the latest upgrades and plugins released by 360Works.

Be Exclusive
With the Portfolio Bundle, you'll also receive licenses for unreleased plugins that are not available to the general public. These may be plugins that are special-purpose, or ones that we're planning on releasing but have not yet finished the documentation/demos.


As a Portfolio Bundle holder, you will receive our entire suite of products listed below. The products you receive as part of your Portfolio Bundle do not expire, and are yours to keep and use forever. The Portfolio Bundle purchase includes 12 months of maintenance, which gives you all new products and upgrades released up to a year after your Portfolio Bundle purchase.

At the end of 12 months, you may choose to renew your maintenance subscription for each additional year, for a cost of $695 (or auto-renew at $625.50). Although your products never expire, it is important to note that if your maintenance expires on the Portfolio Bundle, you will no longer receive any new products or updates (even bug fixes). Renewing maintenance after it expires costs 50-100% of the original purchase price, depending on how long it has been expired.

Portfolio Bundle License Types Included and Savings

Product License Type Retail Cost
360Deploy - FileMaker data migration tool helper and automation Enterprise $695
MirrorSync - sync with FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Servers, Salesforce, WordPress, AWS Databases, SQL database, and more Pack of 10 extra devices
(1 configuration of FileMaker Server <> FileMaker Pro/Go comes free)
SuperContainer - a better container field. It is the easiest way to upload, view, and download files to and from any FileMaker database. Enterprise $695
Web Services Manager - publishes your FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services. Enterprise $695
FTPeek - upload, download, and manipulate remote files on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server from within any FileMaker solution. Enterprise $395
Plastic - Makes it easy to process secure, SSL-encrypted credit card payments from FileMaker. Enterprise $695
Scribe - The ultimate text processor for working with PDF, Microsoft Office files, and text fields in FileMaker. Enterprise $695
Email Plugin - Sends and receives email with SMTP, POP, and IMAP, as well as SMS/Text Message sending from your FileMaker solution. Enterprise $395
Charts - Very easy-to-use plugin for generating various types of graphical charts. Enterprise $395
CloudMail - Sends and tracks e-mail campaigns and newsletters using Amazon Web Services. Enterprise $395
JDBC - Lets you use JDBC to access any database from within FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server. Enterprise $1,195
Web Assistant - Lets you POST and GET URLs directly from FileMaker; perfect for filling out online forms. Enterprise $395
RemoteScripter - Allows you to remotely trigger FileMaker scripts on another computer. Enterprise $295
ScriptMaster - General-purpose, modular plugin that comes out of the box with modules for building your own FileMaker plugins. Enterprise $95
Zulu - FileMaker calendar sync with Apple, Exchange, and Google Calendar integration. Enterprise $989
Scribbler - Allows you to directly annotate images in container fields, using drawing and text controls. This is perfect for medical, architectural, and photographic applications. Portfolio Only! Portfolio Only!
PDF Plug-in - Allows extensive PDF manipulations including merging pages, manipulating bookmarks, and filling in PDF forms. Portfolio Only! Portfolio Only!
Total price of products purchased separately: $9,338
Portfolio Bundle: $1,995
Savings - over 75% off full price!: $7,343

Total price of products purchased separately: $9,338

Portfolio Bundle: $1,995

Savings - over 75% off full price!: $7,343

The 360Works Portfolio Bundle saves a full $7,343 over the purchase of these products separately. In fact, a Portfolio Bundle costs less than just three of our most popular products - SuperContainer, Scribe, and Plastic. The cost savings is just one of the many benefits of the Portfolio Bundle, which also include:

- Single license key convenience

- Early access to unreleased products

- New releases and paid upgrades at no extra charge

The Enterprise License allows unlimited use within a single organization regardless of the number of users and locations, and includes a single server deployment on FileMaker Server and through Web Publishing.

System Requirements

360Works plugins are compatible with the FileMaker 16 platform and higher. All of our plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows.

All system requirements are the same as those of FileMaker. As long as you meet FileMaker's minimum requirements, you can run our plugins in your Mac or Windows environments.

Please refer to specific Product pages for non-plugin tools such as MirrorSync and Zulu.

What does the FileMaker community think?

This purchase was secured due in no small part to the excellent support we received while evaluating two of your products. Valentin Avksentyev helpfully walked us through how to get SuperContainer server set up the way we wanted over the course of several phone conversations, and Sam Barnum not only answered all the questions I threw at him, but rapidly fixed bugs and reimplemented features in Difference Engine (versions 1.7.1 - 1.7.3 came about directly from my correspondences with Sam).

— Jeff Nouwen

"We've had great success implementing some of your 360Works products from our developers portfolio already, it's added some great functions to FileMaker for us!"

— Mike Beargie

We use 360Works plug-ins with our clients without hesitation. They’re easy to implement, and work dependably, and KEEP working dependably. Their excellent support is just the icing on the cake.

— Scott Love, Soliant Consulting