FileMaker Calendar Integration: 360Works Zulu Syncs Apple, Google, and Exchange Calendars with FileMaker

Zulu syncs FileMaker to iOS, OS X, Google Calendar, and Exchange/Office 365 calendars. Turn any FileMaker Server into a shared calendar server in a few clicks.

Zulu turns FileMaker into an iCal Server

Zulu 4 is now available! Read all about the NEW features here.

Zulu 4 for FileMaker Calendar

Publish FileMaker Events to all of your calendars

Zulu integrates with FileMaker Server to publish FileMaker event records to iOS, OS X, Google, Exchange and Office 365 calendars. Zulu 2 is easier to install than ever. There are no scripts to edit or files to modify. Simply run the installer, walk through the configuration process and publish your calendar.

Edit FileMaker Events on your mobile device!

iOS, Android, Windows Phone - Zulu supports them all. Simply subscribe to the calendar published by Zulu and instantly view and edit your FileMaker event data. Zulu event respect’s FileMaker’s record-locking, preventing conflicting changes!

Keep all of your calendars in sync!

With Zulu, there are no scripts to run after editing records and no need to manually keep multiple calendar applications and FileMaker in sync. Simply subscribe to the Zulu calendar and instantly your calendar is reading FileMaker records from the server - just like another FileMaker client.

What does the FileMaker community think about Zulu?

"Zulu 2 is SMOKING and I'm getting another client ready to purchase as I write this! We are running 250+ calendars syncing Google Calendar on a Mac Mini Core 2 Duo!!! Keep up the fantastic work." —Greg Huber, Byte Insight

"In all these years I have never seen anyone do anything like this. The application is rock solid and the syncing is working perfectly." —Paul Thomann

"I just bought Zulu from you guys. It is the BOMB. It's going to change the way my client does business... It's very very cool." — Greg


Zulu requires FileMaker Server 11 or higher; FileMaker Server Advanced is not required. Java 6 or higher is required. OS X 10.6 or higher required for Calendar app/iCal sync. Read more here.

Case Studies

Read all about how Zulu helped the the Mobile Co. DA’s office serve court dockets and attorney calendars to their staff.

Learn how to see and edit related records in FileMaker Go from within Calendar app with this demo from Agnes Riley.

Macworld Article Features Zulu!

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