360Works Zulu syncs FileMaker to iOS, OS X, Google Calendar, and Exchange/Office 365 calendars. Turn any FileMaker Server into a shared calendar server in a few clicks.

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Integrate Google, Exchange, and Apple Calendar

Zulu integrates with FileMaker Server to publish FileMaker event records to iOS, OS X, Google, Exchange and Office 365 calendars. Simply subscribe to the Zulu calendar and instantly your calendar is reading FileMaker records from the server.

Edit FileMaker Events on Your Mobile Device!

iOS, Android, Windows Phone - Zulu supports them all. Simply subscribe to the calendar published by Zulu and instantly view and edit your FileMaker event data. Zulu event respect’s FileMaker’s record-locking, preventing conflicting changes!

New Support for Apple Reminders in FileMaker

Use alarms to control native iOS notifications. Take advantage of location based reminders, trigger a notification when a user arrives at a job site, or when leaving. Track completion of reminders and when it's been seen by a user.

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The Ultimate FileMaker Calendar Sync Application

Zulu is an application that keeps your calendar events in sync with FileMaker records. It is able to sync with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Exchange Outlook Calendar. You can manipulate the events in your calendar, and Zulu will write these changes to FileMaker records. The opposite is also true, updates to FileMaker records will be written to your calendar's events. Zulu will even respect FileMaker’s record level access privileges and record locking so you can filter records based on privilege set.