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Building More Than Plug-ins: Ryan DeMaeyer Makes New 360Works Sign

Building More Than Plug-ins: Ryan DeMaeyer Makes New 360Works Sign

Our developers are passionate about building custom apps and plug-ins for FileMaker. In fact, some of our developers are quite skilled in building things outside of the computer as well!

Ryan DeMaeyer, Support Lead at 360Works, has a knack for tinkering, as you'll learn in his bio. He has made several wood-based projects for his fellow co-workers at 360Works.

From elaborate wall hangings, to trays, to tables - Ryan has been known to build high-quality and robust pieces for just about anything you need. We look forward to our Annual 360Works Office Christmas Party, where Ryan will typically bring in one of his wood creations as a gift!

Recently, one of his bigger projects has been putting together a fantastic 360Works sign to grace the entrance lobby of the 360Works office in the Atlanta, Georgia Metropolitan Area.

His quality workmanship transfers over into his technical work at 360Works to provide an excellent support experience.

This year he has started to completely rework our unit testing infrastructure both in Java as well as in FileMaker. This ensures that our products will be of an even higher quality resulting in a reduced support load and a seamless user experience.

Ryan has been dedicated to providing world class support for 360Works products since 2014.

At 360Works, we get excited about being able to build and support plug-ins and add-ons that push the FileMaker platform to new levels.

Responsive, quality support is our thing.

We aim to avoid nightmarish tech support experiences - circular menus, never ending hold-times, or unhelpful representatives in clueless call centers. 360Works takes pride in our support, and we can guarantee responsive, useful support each time you call.

Thank you for trusting us with your FileMaker tools and development this year, we are excited for doing more to support the FileMaker Community in the new year!

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