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FileMaker Word Doc Integration

How to Integrate Word Documents with FileMaker

FileMaker Training Videos and 360Works Scribe
The 360Works Scribe plugin automates the processing of Microsoft Office and PDF files. You can take your FileMaker data and populate Word and PDF forms, insert images onto documents, highlight changes between versions of documents, manipulate Microsoft Word and Excel tables, retrieve metadata from Excel table cells, secure PDF files, and more.

Richard Carlton and Sam Barnum filmed this video at a FileMaker DevCon to show how you can practically use Scribe in your development. Richard shares an example of how his Aviation Insurance customer needs to manage complex contracts created in Word within FileMaker. He accomplishes this efficiently using 360Works Scribe to export the Word document out of a FileMaker container field and have it populated with the required FileMaker data. In this intro video, you will learn how simple it is to use Scribe for integrating FileMaker with Word documents in easy steps:

  1. Tell Scribe to load a document (reference a container or online source)
  2. Scribe loads that document into memory
  3. Scribe makes changes or reads values from documents using functions such as: substitute date, substitute image, append other Word docs, and more

Price or Learn More about the 360Works Scribe Plugin for FileMaker

Price or Learn More about the 360Works Scribe Plugin for FileMaker