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MirrorSync 6 and Zulu 4 Videos from FileMaker Developer Conference 2019

MirrorSync 6 and Zulu 4 Videos from FileMaker Developer Conference 2019

At the 2019 FileMaker Developer Conference, we presented our latest major releases: 360Works MirrorSync 6 (FileMaker sync tool) and Zulu 4 (FileMaker calendar integration). In this article, we wanted to share with you the session recordings from Claris. If you did not attend DevCon, or want to hear the session again, now is your chance!

360Works MirrorSync 6
MirrorSync is the easy-to-use FileMaker data replication tool can quickly and seamlessly sync an offline database running on FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro with a database hosted by FileMaker Server. It can sync various configurations of SQL databases, such as MySQL, Salesforce, Amazon DynamoDB or Redshift, and WordPress with FileMaker. This new version of MirrorSync also makes it very easy to synchronize two FileMaker Servers to handle mission critical tasks like server clustering for load balancing and data disaster recovery. In this release, MirrorSync ships with many improvements for the synchronization setup and management process, along with the following:

  • All new MirrorSync script, re-written to support new features in FileMaker 17 and later
  • Unlimited tables
  • Automated deployment and version management for server-to-server syncs
  • Leverages new FileMaker features for much faster container field syncs
  • Configuration client is now a standalone application that does not require Java to be installed

Read the FULL MirrorSync 6 Announcement or Try it Out!

360Works Zulu 4
Zulu is an application that keeps your calendar events in sync with FileMaker records. It is able to sync with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Exchange Outlook Calendar. Zulu 4 is better for business! It allows you to integrate your business workflows into the well known calendar interfaces your users are already using on their devices. With the click of a link, a user can subscribe to a new calendar powered by your FileMaker solution. In this release, Zulu ships with many improvements for the synchronization setup and management process. Along with the following:

  • Apple Reminder Support - manage your Apple Reminders from FileMaker! Use alarms to control native iOS notifications. Use time based alarms to remind people of certain tasks. Take advantage of location based reminders, trigger a notification when a user arrives at a job site, or when leaving. Track completion of reminders, and track when the reminder has been seen by the user.
  • One click URL calendar subscriptions, making it easier than ever to onboard new users.
  • Improved publishing page - some users like Apple Calendar, but some are only on Google? No problem! Drive all calendars from FileMaker. We rewrote the publish page and reworked the publishing process entirely inside of FileMaker.
  • Filter using the same methods provided by calendars, making assigning tasks to users as easy as assigning events!
  • Minimum start date for Exchange and Google supported, so you don't need to worry about ancient events crowding your FileMaker solution.

Read the FULL Zulu 4 Announcement or Try it Out!