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MirrorSync is gaining momentum in a big way. We've been signing up customers and supporting them through successful deployments of MirrorSync for over three years. A little less than a year ago* we started to keep usage statistics, and today we?d like to share some highlights with you!

* One million successful syncs - obviously this is a big number, and not just for Dr. Evil * Average size of synced databases is 41,843 records - that's a whole lot of order and invoice records collected from the field without a connection to FileMaker Server * Using the latest version of MirrorSync, on average, a sync takes about 3.9 seconds! That's gotta be faster than typing the FileMaker Server's address into the remote host field :)
We will keep making MirrorSync the fastest and easiest sync solution for FileMaker, all we ask from you is to help us get to the next milestone!

* We started to keep statistics on Nov. 15, 2014