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FileMaker Email V4 Out Now!
Email 4 Oauth

New Major Version Release:
Email 4 with OAuth for Gmail and Office 365

We are excited to announce a new major version of a popular 360Works Plugin, introducing Email 4! The 360Works Email Plugin for FileMaker can send and receive HTML or plain text email while integrating with popular services such as Gmail by Google and Office 365 by Microsoft (SMTP, POP, and IMAP) from your FileMaker solution. Additionally, you can send SMS / text messages from FileMaker using this plugin.

We have added new support for OAuth (Open Authentication) with Google and Office 365. The 360Works Email Plugin now provides functions that will enable users to fetch OAuth tokens, and use those OAuth tokens to connect to Gmail and Office 365 Mail servers.

OAuth provides better security by having users login using their credentials from Google or Microsoft Active Directory. This allows more control over password management by using a login that is familiar and consistent for users.

New Improvements List


You can upgrade, try, or buy at the Email plugin product page.

If you currently own Email version 3, click upgrade under your license type once in the product page store area (paid upgrade, non-maintenance product). License holders with version 1 or 2 will need to purchase a new license.

For new license purchases, we have several license types available based on number of users, client-side or server-side usage, and a solution bundle license for developers with a vertical market solution.

A free, fully functional demo is available to test the Email plugin. While in demo mode, the Email plugin will run for 2 hours every time you launch FileMaker (or FileMaker Server, for server deployment).

Try or Buy Email 4

In order to understand OAuth workflows better and how to get started, we have added documentation at the 360Works Docs Wiki.

March 24th, 2021