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360Works MirrorSync 6.1 Released

New MirrorSync Update Now Available
50 Improvements Made in MirrorSync 6.1

360Works releases new point update for MirrorSync with 50 improvements and fixes to optimize FileMaker synchronization.

360Works MirrorSync is the fastest and easiest synchronization tool for FileMaker. It allows everyday FileMaker users the power to synchronize their FileMaker Server files with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, other FileMaker Servers, SQL databases, Salesforce, WordPress, Amazon Web Services Databases (DynamoDB and Redshift). MirrorSync was awarded FileMaker Solution of the Year in previous years and the product continues to be known for its scalability, reliability, speed, and ease of use.

The latest update, MirrorSync 6.1, ships with 50 improvements and fixes. Here are some of the newest improvements by category:

Container Fields and Large Data Improvements

  • Optimized conflict resolution field merging; now about 100x faster for large tables!
  • Now supports streaming for container uploads, so that you can sync any size container data (such as large video files) without running out of memory in MirrorSync
  • Improved performance when syncing large numbers of fields (>500)
  • Now truncates extremely long container filenames (converting a text field to container fields causes the text contents to also be used as the container filename, which can be too long to be practical)
  • Performance improvements for configuration client
  • Important fix: removed a deadlock that could occur when inserting large number of records that contained unusually large text data as well as container data

Syncing with Non-FileMaker Databases Improvements

  • No need to do any time zone conversions when writing time and date values to Salesforce, you can now send them unmodified
  • Improvements were made to SQL generation for syncing to a non-FileMaker SQL spoke database, such as MySQL or SQL Server
  • Performance improvements for DynamoDB; prevented unnecessary update operations if fields are added or removed from a configuration

FileMaker Server to FileMaker Server Sync Improvements

  • Improvements for externally stored container fields that have an .fmp12 file in them when transferring from hub to spoke during server-to-server syncs
  • Much faster transfer of large multi-file solutions between servers for initial server-to-server syncs

Configuration Improvements

  • Improved responsiveness on the configuration screen where tables, scripts, and layouts are copied and pasted
  • Added extra information at the top of the sync status that always shows the name of the configuration and a description of both the hub and spoke databases
  • Exporting a configuration from server A and importing to server B will now automatically change the configured MirrorSync URL to server B
  • Smarter switching between using the internal and external IP addresses on the sync. This should make it so that syncing from outside the LAN is about 5 seconds faster, if there is a separate internal and external address configured.
  • We now keep a history of all configuration changes, in case any issues arise

Improvements for Keys

  • If you're using UUID primary keys with unique validation enabled, and if you change validation to 'always' (this is not set by default), then MirrorSync will automatically re-write inserts as updates to avoid duplicate records, or error messages about duplicates.
  • Improvements to detection for foreign keys, as well as skipping over any foreign keys referencing tables or columns that are not part of the sync.
  • Improved validation for foreign key configuration
  • Fixed a problem when using custom text primary keys of varying lengths (not UUIDs or serial numbers, which work fine without this fix).
  • If the column that a foreign key is based on is excluded from the sync, the foreign key is now removed from the configuration and skipped

Improved Error Reporting

  • Improved error reporting to users if the sync fails due to a permission error or timeout
  • [Worker script] Many improvements to automatically handle and retry network problems; better logging to identify problems caused by slow networks
  • [Worker script] When the offline file has external data sources pointing to non-existent files, MirrorSync responds with better error reporting.

More Improvements

Additionally, we have added support for configurations and synchronization with FileMaker Cloud 2 (Please note: due to the limitations of FileMaker Cloud 2, it is not ideal for synchronization. Contact for additional details if you plan to use FileMaker Cloud 2).

Visit the MirrorSync changelog for the complete list of all 50 improvements and fixes available in 6.1!

Why MirrorSync?

MirrorSync allows users to work on their own offline copy of a database on their iPad, iPhone, or laptop computer, even when they have slow or no connection to the internet when working from home or out in the field. It can also be used for server-to-server syncing between servers in different locations and with other distributed server models (i.e., clustering, load balancing). MirrorSync documentation for further information is available at the 360Works Documentation Wiki.

MirrorSync Hosting and Consulting

We offer both FileMaker Hosting and MirrorSync Hosting. If you host FileMaker with us, you get MirrorSync hosting free!
*Purchase of MirrorSync licensing is required. MirrorSync is completely free to sync FileMaker Server with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go with one device. Any additional configurations or seats are purchased as needed.

Users running regular FileMaker Server on a Mac or Windows computer can install MirrorSync on their own server.

We've designed MirrorSync to be something that even a novice user can integrate, but we're standing by when you need more advanced help. If you just want your sync integration to be completed as quickly as possible, we're available to do the work for you directly at our hourly consulting rates. Simply contact us to get started!

Purchasing and Upgrading

Existing MirrorSync 6 users can now upgrade to MirrorSync 6.1 at no additional cost. For users new to MirrorSync or past users with expired maintenance (maintenance expires one year after purchase date if not renewed), now is a great time to purchase a new MirrorSync license.

If you need to check your maintenance on your MirrorSync license, visit the 360Works License Portal page. If you need to renew your maintenance or buy a new license, visit the MirrorSync product page.

As always, MirrorSync is completely free to sync FileMaker Server with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go with one device.

Free 14-day MirrorSync server-to-server configuration trials are available upon request. Please contact us to request your free trial today.

MirrorSync Product Page
Existing MirrorSync Users with Active Maintenance:
Download the 6.1 Update Immediately Here