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You can natively send plain text emails using the Send Mail script step in FileMaker, but what about emails that you need to be more graphically appealing? This is where 360Works Email Plugin meets a mission critical need by extending FileMaker's existing email functionality, allowing you to send better email.

The email plugin allows you to include HTML formatting, inline attachments, and multiple attachments per email. Additionally, it is capable of receiving email via IMAP/POP and sending SMS text messages to phone numbers, all from your FileMaker solution. This article will show how you can send emails with HTML content and inline attachments with ease.

The email plugin example file provides a simple form layout to test the sending and receiving.

Start by selecting 'Demo Examples' in the left panel, and then select the tab 'Send HTML Email'.

Test Your HTML Email Sending

Let's take a look at the underlying script. The email plugin is simple to integrate into FileMaker. It takes just 4 lines of scripts to call the plugin! There are also comments included to help you define what the script does and what it affects. The following image shows the 4 scripts it took to call the plugin to set the HTML body and inline attachments.

Four Lines of Script to Call the Email Plugin

Finally, you can see the HTML and inline attachment has been rendered in the email message body.

HTML and Inline Attachment Rendered

Here is a terrific video from Richard Carlton Consulting where Sam with 360Works demonstrates this topic and more features of the email plugin.

We hope you are excited to start sending better messages from FileMaker. If you would like more information, you can read more about the 360Works Email Plugin and download a free, fully-featured demo here.