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Server Clustering and New MirrorSync Updates!

Clustering with MirrorSync 3
We have been continuing to work on MirrorSync 3 to improve reliability and scalability. Using MirrorSync to cluster FileMaker Servers running side-by-side can increase server availability for your mission critical solution. Through data replication, you can ensure server reliability by balancing loads and handling server failure.

See how to cluster with MirrorSync 3 in this excellent video by Richard Carlton Consulting:

New Update Available: 3.17
We have recently released versions 3.14 - 3.17 of MirrorSync with improvements for recovery mode, high-volume syncs, and rebuilding sync data. Overall, the reliability of MirrorSync has greatly improved, and the speed of SQL and server-to-server syncs have increased significantly!

Immediately after the release of 3.14 and 3.15, we were able to identify and fix a few quirks resulting in an even more reliable version with 3.16.

If you are currently running MirrorSync 3.14 or earlier, we highly recommend you download the latest version for better performance.

MirrorSync 3.17 is now available to download. We updated the code signing certificate, improved error reporting, made UI improvements to the admin client, increased maximum size for internal sync data, and made several other important fixes.

For a complete list of changes and to download MirrorSync 3.17, please visit the MirrorSync product page.