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During COVID-19, a FileMaker App by 360Works helps businesses with their cleaning services

CovidClean FileMaker App

360Works donates CovidClean FileMaker app to help property managers keep buildings clean and residents safe during pandemic.

It is no surprise that cleaning guidelines for businesses are at a much higher standard amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For property management companies, cleaning procedures are critical in keeping residents safe.

A Chicago-based property management company in particular, found themselves needing to institute additional cleaning measures for 12 different apartment complexes! With numerous tasks, cleaning schedules, and locations, there was an excessive amount of procedures to manage for efficient cleaning and recording.

They wanted to make sure they had an audit trail for completion of the cleaning tasks as well as records of the additional measures being taken, should they need to prove their efforts in the future.

Molly Connolly, with Thorsen Consulting helped conceive and plan the project for the client, while 360Works volunteered to develop a FileMaker database to manage and track their cleaning initiatives. Susan Prosser joined in as well to help out with app documentation, making it a great collaborative experience within the FileMaker Community!

FileMaker Development
Due to the customized level of tracking required, FileMaker was the ideal platform to rapidly develop an app for specified cleaning tasks and tracking work. The FileMaker app was named CovidClean and it now helps cleaning crews follow a set of assigned duties for specific cleaning jobs. Crew members sign into CovidClean using a personal password and then choose a location to see their list of assigned tasks. An administrator creates crew accounts, locations for cleaning, and the task list for each location.

Julie Butisbauch, 360Works staff member who built the app says, "FileMaker is the perfect tool for creating an app like CovidClean. Thanks to the fluidity of the platform, crews can use FileMaker Go while out in the field to keep their records not just up to date, but down to the second. Administrators can quickly create reports and monitor their facilities while using the app. Both crew and administration reporting is especially important for businesses that want to keep their customers safe and prove that their business is following legal guidelines, as this can be the difference that keeps your doors open."

Successful Solution
It is always a pleasure to help solve real world problems with FileMaker when the world needs it most. Instead of using paper charts or "one size fits all" apps, the property management company can quickly and efficiently handle all cleaning procedures in a single, customized FileMaker app. Ultimately, the CovidClean app helps them to manage their cleaning so they can keep their business open, and their residents safe.

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