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FileMaker Developer Testimonial and Review on 360Works Plugins and Tools

Success Story: FileMaker App for Sharing COVID-19 Information Leverages 360Deploy to Make Frequent Live File Changes

About Alessandro Corticelli with DigitalMaker
Alessandro Corticelli is an Italian developer with more than 34 years of experience on the FileMaker Platform since version "Plus" published by Forethought in 1986. He is CEO and Senior Developer and integrator of DigitalMaker, an FBA Partner and Claris Partner with offices in the United States and Brazil. They work with clients in Italy, Brazil, the United States, and Latin America.

With the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, he got the idea to create something very quickly to share information and resources to help people understand the concept of "Stay At Home".

Alessandro felt compelled to build this app because he is originally from Bergamo, the Italian city that was affected the most by the pandemic. His mission is to BEAT COVID-19 by collecting valuable information and sharing with the public using FileMaker to contribute to stopping the spread.

This project is non-profit and there are volunteers from all around the world that contribute to it.

How Their App Helps During the Pandemic
The BEAT COVID-19 app is constantly evolving. It standardizes multiple forms of data for consolidated statistics. Essentially it collects, connects and shares information using the capabilities of FileMaker to interact with REST APIs to gather data and parse into FileMaker using JSON and other native functions.

It is built to be a multi-user development environment using the FileMaker Pro platform as a core and shows how powerful and unmatched it is.

The app is divided into four sections:

  1. Information with video and external links
  2. Preventions with instructions
  3. Statistic and visual data and comparisons
  4. The link and sources that they are using in the app

How 360Deploy Helped the App Development
Alessandro reports that 360Deploy helped to implement and update the live version of their app, while his development team continues to work locally. Several different developers are working on their local copies of the file.

When they decide to update and push their changes or new features to the production file, they send their file to a coordinator, who copy and pastes their changes into a "delegate" copy, then uses 360Deploy to completely automate pushing the "delegate" copy to the production file.

360Deploy is a product that simplifies the tedious process of deploying changes in a development database to an existing production database. This can be done with the click of a button while eliminating human error and reducing the downtime traditionally associated with the process. All that is required is some simple configuration, and click Deploy!

At 360Works, we are grateful to know that 360Deploy plays an important role in a critical FileMaker app that contributes information during the pandemic. If you would like to learn more, try, or buy 360Deploy, please visit:

360Works offers full consulting services, if you need custom work, guided configurations, or implementation for 360Deploy, please email

Learn More About DigitalMaker
If you would like to learn more about Alessandro with DigitalMaker and the BEAT COVID-19 app, please visit:

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